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      Super Solutions               Carpet Cleaning                                                We have Super Solutions to your  cleaning problems

Nearly 25 years of cleaning experience. The above picture is the soil load in your carpet, upholstery and hard surface floors you cant see with the naked eye. Scary isn't it? We'd be happy to help you solve that problem. Call or text us at 812-258-7409 for an appointment or for a free estimate. Included at no extra charge is deodorizer, stain protector, and hallways when getting your residence cleaned. 35 dollars a room. No bait and switch. Pet treatments available. Pet treatment are extra depending on severity. Cleaning of Hardwood flooring and manufactured flooring, such as LVT, LVP, and Laminate are available. Stripping, scrubbing and waxing are also available for some floors that are designed for this, such as VCT. We do floor sealing as well. We also do Upholstery, Tile and Grout, RV's, Mattresses and Garbage cans. Ask about our maintenance plans. Fully Insured. Serving all of Kentuckiana including Jeffersonville, Utica, Georgetown, Corydon Indiana, Louisville metro, Shepherdsville, Prospect Kentucky and all surrounding areas. We are your friendly neighborhood Solution to your cleaning problem. Check out our FAQ in our menu section.No hidden charges. Call for specific pricing for your situation. We are a GREEN FRIENDLY company.                                                                                                                                                              FIVE REASONS YOU SHOULD USE US:                                                                           1..QUALITY..Nobody works harder to make sure your floors look as close to picture perfect as Super Solutions. We want you too be 100 percent satisfied.                                 2..AFFORDABLE..With our added bonuses of protector, deodorizer, and free hallways coupled with our specials and maintenance plans we give our customers the best bang for their buck.                                                                                                                          3..SERVICE..One of our top goals is to give the customer that attention they and their floors deserve. That they are our top priority. We do this with both a great attitude and a smile.                                                                                                                              4..EXPERIENCE..With 25 years worth of actual floor care experience you can be assured of a clean without fear of a disaster in your home. Plus we have a network of   hundreds of floor care professionals that we can reach out to. This helps us make sure       your floors are done right. Also we are fully insured in such a case ever arises.                5..ART..Let me explain..As a professional, one of the top joys I get out of doing floors is looking at the end result. Its that WOW factor Super Solutions is looking for. I take great pride in my work. I want both the customer and myself to look at the finished product and be totally satisfied. I want to look at the floor Ive done and know that its turned into the best masterpiece I was capable of producing.

Your home deserves nothing but the best quality clean. This is why I started Super Solutions Carpet Cleaning, to make sure you'll get the best cleaning service that you and your family deserves. Call or text us at 812-258-7409 to set up an appointment or to get a free estimate.

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The Story Behind Super Solutions Carpet Cleaning

My dream to clean

in roughly 1995 the dream was realized. I wanted to own my own carpet cleaning company. How would I get started? What should I do to learn? Where would I get the money to start a new business? Boom, I was on the road to make my dream a reality. So over the years I worked for a few different companies trying to learn all the different ways of getting carpets, floors,upholstery,rugs and etc. cleaned that would leave customers with the best quality clean I could give. I have learned many techniques and tricks along the way to help me perform at the highest level. After many years of dealing with many companies, that never really understood what actually giving their customers the highest quality for the best price meant, I decided to make the leap to doing it myself. I realized that if you want something done right, then well,you do it yourself. Oh yeah, starting a business takes money. So I worked as much overtime as I could. I started to save for basic equipment. Little by Little Id put back and one day get there. As the years went by Id battle and win many personal issues in my life. Getting through broken relationships, winning the battle against alcoholism, quitting smoking and job losses. Then Id run into another nightmare. Id lose my brother to a brain aneurysm. My best friend. He always looked out for his big brother, but now that support was gone. After grieving for some time and realizing I needed to keep pushing because that is what he would have wanted and he himself would have done. So I moved forward to be stopped in my tracks again by another tragedy. My dad was found to have cancer with only a short few months to go. So I focused on my dad and helping him as best I could. He suffered bad during that time, but we grew closer than I thought possible. My dad passed with his family around him in his home. My dad had such a work ethic. In 37 years of working for G.E. he never missed a day of work. He is where I get my work ethic. He left me a sum of money. Enough to start this business. Its in honor of him and my brother that I started Super Solutions. Both I miss dearly. So, many months later now my dream is a reality. Over the years, especially raising five children, Ive learnt to clean up many messes. The kids have given me lots of oppurtunities to learn to clean up messes off floors lol. Everything from coffee to kool aid and everything from light soil loads to heavy soil loads. Ive seen medicine spills, paint, sodas of all types, kids messes, adult messes, beer, wine, food and plenty of pet messes. I think of them as personal challenges and would love the opportunity to make your messes my cleaning challenge. So if you like clean, quality and affordability please dont hesitate to call or text us to set up an appointment. 812-258-7409. Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. Please remember that we have Super Solutions to your cleaning problems!!

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